Build and Extend Applications in the Cloud

Develop on EventOxide SQL Data-Cloud Database, a cloud-based relational database service built on SQL Server technologies.
Gain access to a highly available, scalable, multitenant database service hosted by EventOxide.
Top SQL Data-Cloud Features:
  • No software to install or hardware to set up.
  • Simple provisioning and deployment.
  • Scalable databases based on business needs.
  • Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Familiar, relational database model.
  • High availability and fault tolerance.
  • Frictionless application development.
  • Multitenant support.
  • Transact-SQL development support.
  • ADO.NET, MS Access, OBDC, and PHP support.
Usage Scenarios:
  • Editing your data from both a public web page and a private MS Access database.
  • Quickly backup your data to your home PC.
  • Make changes to the structure of your data remotely.
  • Integrate the data on your website with the private data in your internal server.

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